After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen. -Matt 6:9-13


First the Lords prayer is to the Father not just God. It does not work where God has not become the Father.

The reason why the prayer is like a myth and unhelpful to many who engage this prayer is because God has not been given the space to come into Fatherhood over them.

A man can be responsible for bringing and procreating a child into this world yet may not have a father relationship with their child i.e abandoned children.

God is creator to all but not THE FATHER to everyone

Humans have natural father and superintending supernatural father influence

Hophni and phinehas had a natural father Eli
But a supernatural father Belial(Satan) *1Sam2:12*
Jesus told the Jews that they are of their father the devil *John 8:44*

God wants to be that supernatural father
Likewise He is not God the Father because you depend on him. Many rich men have dependants or beneficiaries outside their household that does not make those rich people father to those.

Scriptures like *Math5:45* “…that ye may be the children of your father” suggest that it isn’t automatic. It is rather the result of the quality of your life and his quality in your life.

*It(Lords prayer) has sequence*

Thine kingdom come thy will be done on earth precedes give us this day our daily bread
Under God’s system it is seek ye first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness and all other things follow
So it has to be even in prayers.
Secondly after the identity of the Diety(the Father) to whom the prayer is made and before requests you hallow his name which means worship!

*It is a heavenly engagement*

This is a prayer to God with an address( art in heaven). Many scriptures show Jesus being particular about the address when introducing the Father(Math16:17,27 Math18:10,14&19etc)
Then Jesus will call him Heavenly Father (Math6:14,26 and 32 etc) suggesting it is a quality, his quality. In order wards being a quality it can transcend location and be reproduced elsewhere.
In the same vain where the quality is reproduced the Father quickly identifies with it. It becomes an environment where he can manifest as Father in the height of his power.
It is not about his will being done *because* it is done in heaven but being done *AS* it is in heaven
Same quality. It is about reproducing the heavenly quality here too.
Many people say the Lords prayer who are anything but agents of heaven who by their actions are promoters of things contrary to heaven

So the prayer does not work.

*It is timebound/specific strategic*
Jesus said in this manner pray…and later he came to ” Give me this day our daily bread’

You do not ask for today’s bread when the day is far spent or over.
So Jesus implied that this manner of prayer was a prologue at the start of the day
The Greek words predominantly used for daily are
*kata* and *hemera*

Only in the Lord’s prayer is the word *Epiousa* used for daily. Although Luke uses the expression day by day yet Epiousa means ensuing, coming day
The scenario here being that the Lord’s prayer fits in more to a timeline leading up to 11:59 pm with requests made as a new day is ushered in
Please note daily bread is not only natural food

*Arresting Temptation and attracting deliverance*

We are often thought to expect temptation
But Jesus told his disciples pray that you enter not into temptation
Lk22:40, Lk22:46
Therefore prayer is the key to arrest temptation

Jesus also said sufficient unto the day(i.e each day) is the evil in it *Math6:34* In order wards each day is settled.

We have seen that the Lords prayer is time specific and ushers in a new day.

One of the elements of the Lord’s prayer is ” *lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil* ”
These element of the Lord’s prayer introduced to usher in the new day helps settle the day even against temptations and evil.
This is the reason Jesus was so triumphant each day.
He used to settle things in the secret and be rewarded openly by the Father Math6:18

If you operate in the dynamics of the Lords prayer, temptation and evil cannot happen to you unless those numbered and nominated by God

The sparrows falls(challenges) are numbered, decided by God the Father (Math10:30) When connected to the Father you are even worth more v30-31

The Lord’s prayer was Jesus’s routine that was why he lived in unbroken victory with only what God ordained coming his way

As challenging as God had appointed the life of Paul to be the things to happen to him bodily where numbered 2Cor11:24-25

Because the Lords prayer is about effective prayers that is scheduled to be answered, it has to be pass the acid test of forgiveness and dealing with old offences subject to the principles and processes we studied under the topic of forgiveness

You cannot sufficiently step into the shoes of Jesus and experience true LLJ(living like Jesus) without the dynamics of the Lord’s prayer operating in your life.



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